Power generation for
mobile and light commercial power


To reduce consumer dependency and costs of traditional power by combining natural gas and solar energy at the business and distributed production level.


PhotoTo provide natural gas/solar energy co-generation products and solutions to light commercial, government, and military entities off-setting or replacing traditional energy sources. This will be achieved by:

  • Creating an off-the-shelf fully encapsulated natural gas/solar energy co-generation system capable of generating 10 kWe of output per module.
  • Innovating through applying state-of-the-art discoveries to known technologies and methods.
  • Providing a product which is easy to install and accepted
    by the average business owner.
  • Provide a product that is cost justifiable and a payback of
    less than 5 years with no subsidies.


Solar Logic Anywhere™ is a 10 kW off-the-shelf natural gas and distributed Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) co-generation solution intended for light commercial or military applications. It is fully encapsulated and can be mounted on any open surface where 700 square feet is available. It is fully serviceable and repairable from projectiles or other types of damage.

Solar Logic Mobile™ is a 10 kW trailer mounted distributed Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solution intended for disaster relief and military applications. The solution is fully self-contained and can be operational within one hour.

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