Our Technology

Our Patented Technology

Solar Logic Anywhere™ and Solar Logic Mobile™ consist of a set of concentrating solar collectors and a power box. Together, this 10 kW fully-encapsulated co-generation solution can be installed in a few hours on any open surface with or without natural gas– from the most demanding military operation, to surplus land, to a warehouse rooftop.  A true off-the-shelf distributed co-generation solution.

Solar Collectors

Photo We use a set of 8 parabolic troughs approximately 4 feet wide and 12 feet long each. Installed, they occupy as little as 700 square feet and deliver up to 14 Watts per square foot. Each collector is coated with a highly reflective surface, rated by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) tests for over 20 years of outdoor service.

The collectors track the sun’s movement on one axis via a location-specific software algorithm, eliminating inaccuracies created by optical or light sensing devices. The tracking software includes functions, such as “storm mode” and “sleep cycles”, to minimize abrasions and moisture collection during non-producing periods.

Power Box

The power box contains the components needed to control the system and convert energy collected by the solar troughs or natural gas into clean electricity.

Solar Logic’s innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power turbine is the heart of the power box. Our turbine can extract energy from very low vapor quality working fluid without internal damage.  Our bladeless design facilitates high volume manufacturing at a low cost, thereby bringing down the cost-per-watt of the over-all solution while maintaining robust use.

System output is 480 VAC three phase power, or optionally 240 VAC single phase. Full system monitoring is available via SCADA interface.

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