While most attention in the solar market focuses on photovoltaic (PV) panels, our innovative Concentrating Solar Power technology makes distributed CSP much more cost-effective and dependable for solar electricity production in some applications that range from 10 kW – 150 kW of total output.  This is achieved by combining natural gas with solar thermal energy for a continuous co-generation power source. Our ten kilowatt modules can be installed at about half the cost and two-thirds of the space when compared to a comparable-sized photovoltaic panel array.

What is unique about Solar Logic's Distributed CSP?

Our innovations include:

  • Parabolic solar collection array.  Compact, light weight, modular, and fully repairable.  Our collectors are designed from the ground up with field service in mind. While we fully expect our collectors to run flawlessly for over 20 years, we’ve anticipated both natural and human derived damage, therefore all components can be field repaired with simple hand tools.
  • High efficiency two-phase turbine.  Unlike traditional turbines, our turbine extracts energy from fluids while they are still fully saturated up to when they become fully vaporized.  This gives Solar Logic’s solution an operating range far greater than commercial CSP systems and better performance in extreme heat environments when compared to many PV solutions.
  • Systems controls and power management. Our system is fully controlled using proprietary embedded software programs to manage all systems from the flow of fluids to grid line detection for optimizing grid synchronization.  Due to the state-of-art design, our system can be remotely monitored or controlled.

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